About PbW

Consider this a book club: one where I’m the only member and only works written by women are on the reading list. Then I drink a beer or two and yell about it on the internet, and hopefully, you learn a few things and feel inspired to read some cool books!

As a woman who has received a dual Bachelor’s degree in English and History and a Master’s degree in Literary and Cultural Studies, I have written a lot of academic papers about books. Like a lot. More importantly, I love to learn about books and the authors who wrote them. And honestly, the academic world can be limiting, especially when you consider the literary canon as it typically exists. Don’t get me wrong, I (mostly) love academia. But academia loves works written by white dudes.

We live in a world where white men are told to be as loud as they want while women are regularly silenced and made to feel as though their life experiences are simply not as important or relatable to the masses. I, for one, think that that’s bullshit.

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not here to make the claim that literature written by men isĀ bad. I am here to make the claim that literature written by women is good.

Portrait of a scholar trying to finish her MA without losing her whole mind



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