20 Questions Book Tag!

Wow okay, I didn’t know this was a thing until I started looking through the posts of fellow book-blogger, abooknation! This brings me back to myspace days when everyone used to answer those surveys and no one would actually read one another’s answers except for maybe Tom. You know the one.


There he is. Get off our “top friends” lists, Tom. Nobody knows you. Anyways.

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Tayari Jones’ Leaving Atlanta

Okay so I’m definitely late to the Tayari Jones fandom, and I know that American Marriage is her most recent work and has been getting tons of positive attention! I actually went in search of American Marriage at 2nd & Charles, but no dice. I did, however, find a copy of her 2002 novel, Leaving Atlanta, a fictionalized account of the Atlanta child murders of 1979-1981.

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For the love of used bookstores

For months, I walked down South Craig St. in Oakland, PA, eyeing Caliban Book Shop on my way to class. I wanted to go in, but kept telling myself, “Another day.” Like most storefronts in Pittsburgh, it closes at 5 PM, which is inconvenient for me. My fiance, Sean, works for Trader Joe’s and the majority of his shifts are closing shifts, meaning that he doesn’t get home until after midnight two-four days out of the week. That being said, we’re total night owls, and 5 PM tends to be more like midday for us. Continue reading For the love of used bookstores